Women's Fashion - 1950s /Haute Couture

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Vintage 1950's Fashion / Haute Couture

When a woman went on holiday in the summer 
during the 1940-1950, her wardrobe consisted of 
morning, afternoon and evening wear. 
Featured in this film are typical rayon afternoon 
dresses snoods and hats of the period. 

Bodices and wide brim hats were everywhere ! 
Of course there's an engagement in the air! 
More tea anyone ?
Footage courtesy of Prelinger Archive...

Women's Fashion - 1940-1980 / Album

Montage of images from the 50s, including clips from Lost with Julia Arnall, 
and Taina Elg in a remake of The 39 Steps.

Apart from a few clips where the original commentary is heard, 
Year by year images of women's fashions, 1949-1980, with 4 frames per year 
- more or less arbitrary selection- pics not in any chronological order within each year.

The music is 'Aphrodite' by Alessandro Carabelli (details at All About Jazz website).

Women's Fashion - 1940s - Album

This film displays some lovely evening dress examples and beauty looks of the 1940's.
We see a waltz time skirt with black lace inserts. " Look at the spunky shoulders ! " 
" Jane has a new dress too, her skirt is made of layers and layers of pink and grey net ! 
The waistline is longerfor evening too. All very pretty and gay.

No skimping on fabrics this season. Gloria wears a stunning Carmen Miranda number, 
with bare midrif and bright sashes." Also featured are a dress of red and white Candy 
stripes, another with a long flowing cape." Martha wears a gaudy print dresses, topped 
by a yellow jacket, doesnt it fit like a dream, and just look at the hood !

You're all prepared for a romantic stroll down the beach.This is certainly a gala evening !"
Courtesy Prelinger Archive

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