IELTS/ Lesson Learn English - Preparation Course 01

A great preparation course, this one in particular shows 
different sorts of accents, but it's still very helpfull and 
very well deveoloped to help students of english.

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IELTS/ Lesson Learn English - Preparation Course 02

 TOEFL - IELTS - Listening Lesson 
 Learn English with Steve Ford

This is the first video of the speaking section of the IELTS practice 
tests from IELTS practice test speaking section 5 
shows. For ease of uploading, Speaking Practice Test 5 has been 
split into two sections. For a review of the questions and a written 
examiner review, go to 
Also available, 15 full IELTS practice tests.
3 sections:
+ Introduction and Interview:
lasts about 4-5 minutes and gives the examiner the chance to find out 
a little about you through some simple 'getting-to-know-you' questions.

+ The Long Turn:
exam you have to speak for between 1 and 2 minutes on a set topic 
based on information on a card the examiner will give you. 
You'll be a given a minute to prepare what you want to say - just enough 
time to jot down some ideas to help give your talk structure and interest.

+ Two-Way Discussion:
lasts between 4-5 minutes, you will participate in a discussion with the 
examiner based on the topic in Part 2. The examiner is likely to ask you 
questions based on your experience or opinion of the subject.

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