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Learn English /песня - Wish That You Were Mine - группы The Manhattans
The Manhattans - Wish That You Were Mine

The Manhattans - Wish That You Were Mine


Waiter, could we have the same 
           table we had yesterday

Woo, ooh, ooh, ooh
Here we are again
Sipping our drinks just like friends
I wonder if they see the sparkle in your eyes
I wonder if they know that I'm not your guy, 
        mmm, hmm

I wonder if they see
That you don't belong tome
Wish that you could be mine
Mine, all mine, mmmmmm

It'll be hard for him to understand
I am his friend and he is your man
I wonder what my lady would say
If she knew I met you everyday,
                    mmm, hmm

Sooner or later
Don't you know they're gonna find out 
          and they'll hate us
Oh, I wish that you could be mine
Mine, all mine, mmm

It's 2 a.m., the place is gonna close
The bartender looks as though he knows
Everybody's, everybody's made it home
Here we sit again all alone, mmm, hmm

I've got to get up at 8
Don't you know I've got to explain 
                    why I'm so late, mmm
I wish I didn't have to go home
Whoaohwhoaohohgo home

I wish that you were mine, baby
Oh, I'd give you the world
And every little thing your heart desires

THE PLATTERS-Europe By Night-two songs

THE PLATTERS-Europe By Night-two songs.

The Manhattan-Lets just kiss and say goodbye

The Manhattan / Lets just kiss and say goodbye...

This has got to be the saddest day of my life.
I called you here today for a bit of bad news.
I wouldn't be able to see you anymore
Because of my obligation,
and the ties that you have.

We've been meeting here everyday,
And since this is our last day together.
I wanna hold you just one more time.
When you turn and walk away, don't look back.

I wanna remember you just like this
Let's just kiss and say goodbye.
I had to meet you here today,
There's just so many things to say.
Please don't stop me till I'm though,
This is something I hate to do.

We've been meeting here so long.
I guess what we've done was wrong.
Please, darling don't you cry,
Let's just kiss and say goodbye..

Many months have passed us by.
I'm gonna miss you, I can't lie.
I've got ties and so do you.
I just think this is the things to do.
It's gonna hurt me, I can't lie.
Maybe you'll meet, you'll meet another guy.
Understand me, won't you try, try, try.....
Let's just kiss and say goodbye.

Maybe you'll find, you'll find another guy.
Let's just kiss and say goodbye, pretty baby.
Please don't cry.
Understand me, won't you try?
Let's just kiss and say goodbye...


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Премия Грэмми определяется по 108 
категориям и  по 30 музыкальным
жанрам. Вручение происходило в Лос
Анджелесе, это была 55-я церемония
в истории вручения премии..
В 2013 году  победила   песня 
«We Are Young» группы FUN.

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